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Thinking about learning Swift? Our book offers a text-based walk through the beginner parts of our iOS Foundations video course. No sign up, no cost. Sample what you'll be learning with Bitfountain!
Start here if you’ve never coded before or are new to Swift. You’ll learn iOS development by building several apps, including a Wunderlist clone.
Advanced iOS Courses include: WhatsApp Clone, Core Data, Autolayout, Design Foundations, and more...

What our students have to say

Alex Gartenberg

Software Engineer at Apple
I went from very little programming experience to now working for Apple! I attribute much of my success to bitfountain. It got me to where I am today.


Mid-level iOS Engineer
Just landed my first job as a mid-level iOS engineer! Thanks to Bitfountain for the awesome courses. I can now move on to my passion for mobile development. Start in 3 weeks!

steven mcmurray

I have finally released my new app to the app store! The Bitfountain iOS course was the first programming course I ever took and now I am completely in love with iOS development. I have another app coming!


Founder of Promics App
Without your course, @promicsapp wouldn’t exist. Cheers.

Alicia V. Carr

Bitfountain student
I have just won a scholarship to the WWDC 2015. This is truly a dream come true. I love bitfountain.

Mason Ballowe

Creator of Good Day(s)
6 months ago I knew no code.  Now, I have a friggin business with a product delivered to market.

Tom GOlbach

Creator of Remed
The courses at Bitfountain absolutely show the development of complete Apps and approach in such projects. That helped me a lot in my work for Remed.  Keep it up!

matt friend

Creator of JuniorYear
I am so excited to announce that my second app, JuniorYear, has just been approved for the apple App Store!


Creator of Pomodoro App and ColorDive
I took the bitfountain Apple Watch course and Apple approved my submission in two days.

Shahzad Younas

Creator of muzmatch
I watched a few of your videos a few months ago and then took things forward at a rapid pace - and built muzmatch! Much more than a Muslim Tinder! Thank you all for your help!

lucas dilts

Creator of STMP
A few months ago I started the Bitfountain Swift Course knowing nothing about Swift. Today I launched STMP, my first iOS app! Thank you, Bitfountain! I’m a true fan of your work!


Bitfountain student
I love how "real" the instructors are... not redoing a clip to make it "perfect" or like a script.

Josh Kuehn

Creator of Tally Swipe
My first app was finally approved today and is up on the app store thanks to bitfountain. Without Eliot's detailed programming instructions and Khari I would have never discovered my passion for programming and design.

Linus Geffarth

Creator of conVela Trade
Bitfountain made it possible for me to get started turning a fun activity into business.  After learning the basics of Swift through Bitfountain's online courses I was able to submit my first completely self-written app to  AppStore. Having access to knowledge that easily and conveniently changed the direction I'm heading to in my life.  Thanks, Bitfountain.

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A lot of other online schools never seem to get past the bare minimum iOS education. Whether you’ve never coded before or you’re already an iOS developer, we have material that will take you to the next level.

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1000+ videos covering advanced topics in iOS development and design and more material is constantly being added.

Courses begin at $25 for lifetime access.
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